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Short presentation

At the foot of the rocky bluff known as the Rocher des Doms, in the shadow of the Papal Palace, nestles a theatre in a villa known as the Théâtre de l'Escalier des Doms.This theatre, a well-known venue during the summer festival, won the heart of the Minister-President of Walloon-Brussels French-speaking Community, who decided to purchase it in the autumn of 2001, in order to provide a southern "showcase-centre" for the cultural and artistic community of Wallonia and Brussels.

Operated by a non-profit-making association, mainly made up of cultural professionals, and primarily funded by the Communauté Wallonie-Bruxelles, the Théâtre des Doms is a permanent venue.

It declares itself open to the full range of artistic disciplines (theatre, dance, music, literature, audio-visual, circus, etc.), in order to offer a rich, complex vision of cultural creativity and activity originating in Wallonia and Brussels.

The centre offers a variety of possibilities: meetings, residencies, resources and the opportunity to exchange experiences, co-productions, and, of course, presentation.

It gives preference to the contemporary dimension of artistic projects, concerned above all to encourage artists' "contemporary vision" and the projects proposed or supported by the association.

The centre operates for the most part in a spirit of partnership, in order better to integrate into its surroundings and to reinforce its role as a "go-between" between projects and the public. It is developing a network that leads to mutual recognition and cooperation.

Modestly but ambitiously, the Théâtre des Doms initiates projects, recommends artists and contributors within the framework of events and programmes (festivals, seasons, focus, festive occasions, etc.), builds up an information network, and acts as an intermediary.

As an artistic ambassador, as the venue where a creative community sets out its stall, as a place of welcome and of exchange, the Théâtre des Doms is a resolute participant in Europe of cultures.